Windows 12 Release Date – Features, Requirements, Beta Version

Microsoft is all prepared to release the Windows 12 which will be full of features. However, only a certain set of PCs could get a chance to install the Latest Version of Windows which is due to release in 2023. As we all know that Windows 12 Release is firstly made public on Surface Laptops which are curated by Microsoft. However, you can get to know about the latest updates after it is released. It is being expected that Windows 12 Beta Version will be out in March 2023 and full Windows 12 Version for all the configurations will be out by the mid of next year.

You will be able to Download Windows 12 Update from your computer itself once it is rolled out by Microsoft. Now you must be excited to know about the Windows 12 Requirements so we want to tell you that minimum 4GB RAM and minimum 5th Gen i5 Processor. Get the overall information related to Windows 12 Release Date in this post and then start the countdown to update your PC.

Windows 12 Release Date

As we know, our computers run on the Operating System which is developed by Microsoft and makes your working easier. This Operating System in most of the Computers is Windows and its recent version known as Windows 11 was released in 2021. Many people faced and reported many problems in this version of Windows and all of them want these problems to be resolved. So Microsoft is developing Windows 12 in order to rectify these issues. Now as we know the problems are arising, people are waiting eagerly for Windows 12 Release Date which is expected to be in March 2023.

Moreover, once it is released all of you will be able to see the features in your PC. Direct Version will be available to download through your Windows Update Section and then after it is downloaded your computer will restart. After the PC turns on, you will see the latest Windows 12 as your Operating System.

Every one should know that, Competition of Windows has came in the Market and India Made Operating System is released known as Bharat Os.

Windows 12 Beta Version

  • The Early Access is given to all the users through Windows 12 Beta Version.
  • You will be able to see the features in this version and enjoy the latest Operating System.
  • Information related to errors and bugs is also invited through the Insider Program and then they are removed before the Final Release.
  • Windows 12 Beta Version is the full fledged working model but it is not the Final Version of Operating System.
  • As per our expectations, Windows 12 Beta Version will be out by March 2023 and after that final version will be released.

Windows 12 Features

Operating System NameWindows 12
Operated onAll the Personal Computers and Laptops
File Size1.2 GB
Windows 12 Release DateMarch 2023
Release ModeIn PC or on official website
Windows 12 FeaturesNo Bugs, Moments, better Refresh Rate, New Taskbar, Multiple Homepages, Podcast Application
Windows 12 Requirement4GB RAM, i5 or AMD Processor, minimum 256 GB HDD, Good Clock Speed
Type of PostTechnology

All the individuals who are excited to know about Windows 12 Features should see this section above. As per information available with us, you will be able to see Moments which will refresh continuously, Better Refresh Rate of PC and No Bugs will be seen by the user in Windows 12 as compared to 11th Edition. Apart from this New Taskbar will be introduced in the latest update of Windows. You should know that Requirements for Windows 12 are also given above such as minimum 4GB RAM and i5 Processor are required for the installation of the latest version of Operating System.

Windows 12 Release Date

Windows 12 Requirements

The Latest Version of Windows is about to be rolled out in the 3rd month of 2023 and there are certain Windows 12 Requirements which you need to have in your PC in order to install the latest update. Moreover, as we know the update is about to release in the coming year so you will get ample time to upgrade your PC if it does not meet the Windows 12 Requirement.

  • Minimum i5 Processor of Intel or AMD processor with 1 GHZ Clock Speed is required.
  • Minimum 4GB RAM is Required for Windows 12.
  • 256 GB and above Hard Disk Storage.
  • 13 Inches or above HD Screen.
  • Stable Internet Connection
  • Secure Boot Enabled System
  • TPM Enabled System.

Guidelines to Download Windows 12

  • In order to Download Windows 12, all the users can follow the steps mentioned below and then use the latest version.
  • First of all, click on Windows Icon and then search for Windows Update Menu.
  • After that click on the Check Updates button and wait for the search to finish.
  • Now you will see the Windows 12 Update option on your screen on which you have to click and proceed further.
  • Click on the Download button and wait for it to complete.
  • After that click on Install button and plug the charger on your PC.
  • Finally, you will see your PC Restart Menu which you have to accept and wait for the PC to restart.
  • So in this way, you can Download Windows 12 in your Personal Computer.

Windows 12 Download Beta Version

The Beta Version of Windows 12 is released before the final release in order to get the reviews from Users. However it is published only for those who have turned on Developer Mode. Using the Beta Version of Windows 12, you can check all the features and then report to Microsoft if there is any error found in it. We are here to provide you with the latest updates related to Windows 12 Release and Release Date of Beta Version.

FAQs on Windows 12 Release Date

What is the Expected Windows 12 Release Date?

Windows 12 Release Date is expected to be out by March 2023.

What will be the Windows 12 Features?

All the users who get hands on the Windows 12 Features will see Podcasts Application, Multiple Home Screens, Moments Application and more.

When Will Windows 12 Beta Version come?

Windows 12 Beta Version will be out by March 2023.

What are the Configuration Requirements for Windows 12?

Windows 12 Requirements include minimum 4GB RAM and 256 Hard Drive.

What is the File Size of Windows 12?

Windows 12 File size is 2.40 GB.

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