Ramadan Calendar 2023- Ramadan Prayer Time Table, Iftar Timings

The 9th Month of Islamic Calendar month of Ramadan 2023 is arriving from 23rd March onwards. Now all the Muslims across the world will keep themselves away from Food and other similar items from 23rd March to 21st April 2023. Now all the Muslims across the World will celebrate this festival and take all the precautions. So in order to inform you of the importance of each day, we are here with Ramadan Calendar 2023. You should know that First Ramadan 2023 Date is 23rd March 2023 and it may vary as per your time zone. You should offer the Prayers to Allah as per Ramadan 2023 Prayer Time and then keep fasting as per instructions.

You can break your fast according to the Ramadan 2023 Iftar Time which is mentioned here for each post. Currently 11 Days are left for the Ramadan Month and after that this month will start. The Last Date of Ramadan Month is scheduled on 21 April 2023 and on this day Eid will be celebrated on the evening of 21 April to the Evening of 22 April 2023.

Ramadan Calendar 2023

You must be aware that after the end of this week Ramadan will start and it will be observed by all the Muslims from 23 March to 21 April 2023 in all the countries. Secondly, you must be aware that during this whole month, Fasting is observed by the Muslims of the world and then they ask Allah for Blessings. You can Download the Ramadan Calendar 2023 and check all the events from Day 1 to Day of the Eid. You have to observe this whole month and keep fasting, avoid Tobacco, Sexual Relations and follow all the instructions. This day is of high importance for Muslims because Muhammad’s First Revelation. You are here on the correct page because complete information regarding the Ramadan 2023 Time Table can be collected from this webpage. Iftar Timings must be followed by the fast takers for not breaking the rules because this timings will be different for each day. There are still many days left in Ramadan so you should get yourself prepared.

Ramadan 2023 Time Table & Date

  • You must be aware that Ramadan 2023 Date is 23rd March 2023 and the One month Long festival will start on this day.
  • Also understand that Ramadan Calendar starts from 23 March and Final Date is on 21st April 2023.
  • Along With this, Eid will also be celebrated from Evening of 21st March to Evening of 22nd March 2023.
  • You can see the Crescent Moon on the Day of Eid which marks the ending of this month.
  • Kindly check the Time Table of Ramadan 2023 in this section below and then follow the timings of each day.

Ramadan 2023 Time Table

Ramadan 2023 Time TableDay of RamadanIftar Timings
23 March 2023First Ramadan18:20
24 March 2023218:22
25 March 2023318:24
26 March 2023419:25
27 March 2023519:27
28 March 2023619:29
29 March 2023719:30
30 March 2023819:32
31 March 2023919:34
01 April 20231019:35
02 April 20231119:37
03 April 20231219:39
04 April 20231319:40
05 April 20231419:42
06 April 20231519:44
07 April 20231619:45
08 April 20231719:47
09 April 20231819:49
10 April 20231919:51
11 April 20232019:52
12 April 20232119:54
13 April 20232219:56
14 April 20232319:57
15 April 20232419:59
16 April 20232520:01
17 April 20232620:02
18 April 20232720:04
19 April 20232820:06
20 April 20232920:07
21 April 20233020:09
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All of you must know that Ramadan is starting soon from the 23rd March 2023 and then after that Month will start. Now if you are also celebrating then you should check the Ramadan 2023 Time Table and Day Wise Iftar Timings. Using this schedule, you should practise daily life in Ramadan and then seek the blessings of Allah. Make sure you check the timings for each day or you can simply screenshot on your Mobile for daily reference. Also complete the 5 Time Namaz as per schedule and make the best of this festival.

Ramadan Calendar 2023, Prayer Time Table, Iftar Timings

Ramadan 2023 Date in India

  • Now as we know, Time Zones are different for each country so the Ramadan Date varies for each one of them.
  • If you wish to know specifically about the Ramadan 2023 Date in India then kindly read the following points.
  • In India, Eid will begin on the evening of 22nd March and it will continue till evening of 21st April 2023.
  • You have to follow the timings for Fazr and other Namaz to seek the blessings of Allah.
  • Download the schedule from the above mentioned section to know about the complete time table.

Ramadan 2023 Iftar Time

DateDay of RamadanFajrSunriseDhuhrAsrIftarIsha
23 March 2023Day 104:2005:5512:1215:2818:2019:39
24 March 2023Day 204:1805:5312:1215:2918:2219:41
25 March 2023Day 304:1505:5012:1215:3018:2419:42
26 March 2023Day 405:1406:4813:1116:3119:2520:43
27 March 2023Day 505:1206:4613:1116:3219:2720:45
28 March 2023Day 605:1106:4413:1116:3319:2920:47
29 March 2023Day 705:0806:4113:1016:3419:3020:47
30 March 2023Day 805:0606:3913:1016:3519:3220:49
31 March 2023Day 905:0506:3713:1016:3619:3420:51
01 April 2023Day 1005:0206:3413:0916:3719:3520:52
02 April 2023Day 1105:0006:3213:0916:3819:3720:54
03 April 2023Day 1204:5806:3013:0916:3919:3920:55
04 April 2023Day 1304:5606:2813:0916:3919:4020:56
05 April 2023Day 1404:5306:2513:0816:4019:4220:58
06 April 2023Day 1504:5106:2313:0816:4119:4421:00
07 April 2023Day 1604:4906:2113:0816:4219:4521:01
08 April 2023Day 1704:4706:1913:0716:4319:4721:03
09 April 2023Day 1804:4506:1713:0716:4419:4921:04
10 April 2023Day 1904:4206:1413:0716:4419:5121:06
11 April 2023Day 2004:4006:1213:0716:4519:5221:07
12 April 2023Day 2104:3806:1013:0616:4619:5421:09
13 April 2023Day 2204:3606:0813:0616:4719:5621:11
14 April 2023Day 2304:3406:0613:0616:4819:5721:12
15 April 2023Day 2404:3106:0313:0616:4819:5921:14
16 April 2023Day 2504:2906:0113:0516:4920:0121:16
17 April 2023Day 2604:2705:5913:0516:5020:0221:16
18 April 2023Day 2704:2405:5713:0516:5120:0421:18
19 April 2023Day 2804:2205:5513:0516:5220:0621:20
20 April 2023Day 2904:2005:5313:0416:5220:0721:21
21 April 2023Day 3004:1705:5113:0416:5320:0921:23

FAQs on Ramadan Calendar 2023

  • When is Ramadan 2023 Month?
  • Ramadan Month is starting from 23rd March and will end on 21st April 2023.
  • How to Download the Ramadan 2023 Time Table PDF?
  • You can Download the Ramadan Time Table 2023 from this post.
  • When is Eid 2023?
  • Eid 2023 will be celebrated from the evening of 22nd March 2023 and Last Date of Ramadan will be on 23 April 2023.

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