GPT 4 Release Date – How to Use OpenAI GPT-4, Features, Login

The OpenAI has launched the latest version of their Model known as GPT-4 and it will be made public soon on the In the previous year, GPT 3.5 was launched and now it has been upgraded with loads of features. Now all of you must be excited to know the GPT-4 Release Date which is expected to be launched in the month of April 2023. You can find the complete list of GPT 4 Features here and then use it for your ease. As we are aware that many models are being released by different Internet tycoons, we are here with a brief comparison in GPT 4 Vs ChatGPT Vs Google Bard. You can simply use the GPT-4 through the instructions given here. Moreover, as per latest updates, you can insert images or have a conversation with the Images. You can also find the Chat GPT 4 Limitations which will be resolved by the developers in the upcoming updates. Till then, you can enjoy the set of features being offered by the Developers or OpenAI. As per our analysis, GPT4 Launch Date will be in April 2023.

GPT 4 Release Date

All of us are aware that Artificial Intelligence is taking over the Internet by offering various features. Each Internet Company is working to launch their respective AI Chat based model in which Bing has taken over Google by combining Bing Search Engine with ChatGPT. Now Bing has announced that it will also combine GPT 4 in its latest update which will make the user experience more immersive. However, till now it is not released and we are expecting GPT-4 Release Date in April 2023. Now people who have interest in this should check the list of features being offered by the GPT 4. All of you can get a chance to use the GPT 4 on the official website of OpenAI @ Search using text, images or any other mode of conversation and then it will give you the answer by searching from all over the Internet. It is somewhat similar to ChatGPT but offers you the search results from the large set of Data. However, ChatGPT is limited to the data till 2021 or after that whereas the GPT 4 has access all over the Internet.

GPT 4 Word Limit
GPT 4 Can Write Upto 25,000 Words Of Content in single time.
GPT 4 Image Description
GPT-4 Is solving image problem, if you ask a question based on image.

OpenAI GPT 4 Launch Date

  • The OpenAI GPT 4 Launch Date is not announced yet but we are expecting it to be out soon.
  • Bing Search Engine has announced that it will collaborate with GPT 4 and make their search results better.
  • We are expecting the GPT 4 Release in April 2023 for General Public and you will be able to access it on
  • Once it is released, you can talk with the AI Bot through Chat or through Images to know the better information.
  • This model of AI is considered far better from Google Bard and ChatGPT because it has the ability to accept prompts.
GPT 4 Teaching Mathematics
GPT 4 can also teach you many subjects.

GPT-4 Features

  • The Following points give you the brief details regarding the GPT-4 Features that are being offered in this latest AI Model.
  • Very first and important feature of GPT 4 is that it gives you the solutions or search results in a conversational way.
  • Secondly, it accepts your prompts in multiple modes such as Images, Text or Voice thus giving it the upper hand against the ChatGPT.
  • Apart from this, GPT 4 reads from the large set of Data available on the Internet which gives us better results.
  • GPT 4 also double checks the results before displaying it on the User Screen thus giving precise results.
GPT 4 Test Results
GPT Examination Results
GPT 4 Marks
Marks Scored By GPT 4, GPT 4 (No Vision)

GPT 4 Vs ChatGPT Vs Google Bard

GPT 4ChatGPTGoogle Bard
Gives us the Precise ResultsOnly Gives the vague answers without verifying the DataGives the Better Search Results after verifying the Google
Available on OpenAIAvailable on BingAvailable on Google
Double Check the Search ResultsDoes Not verify the informationVerify it from Internet
Can take prompts in Image or TextOnly Text PromptsOnly Text Prompts
Passed all the ExamsPassed maximum but failed in FewNot Tested
25000 Word Limit8000 Word LimitNot Available
GPT-4 Release Date, OpenAI GPT 4, How to Use, Features, ChatGPT Vs Google Bard Vs GPT4

How to Use GPT-4 OpenAI

  • First of all, we request the readers to visit from their Internet Device.
  • Secondly, you have to tap on the Products button and then select the GPT 4 Option.
  • Now Login with basic credentials or register as a new user on the GPT 4 website.
  • As soon as the login process is over, you will see the screen on the next page in which the Chat Box will be visible.
  • Insert Image or have a conversation through the text to get your answers.
  • Here you will see the answers of the query raised by you with all the details related to it.
  • Repeat the process to get answers for various questions and then use it for your ease.
  • Using these guidelines or instructions, all of you can Use GPT-4 OpenAI @

Try GPT-4

All the readers should know that they can Try GPT-4 on the official website of OpenAI @ Moreover, you need to login or signup which can be done using the details given in the section below. Basic details such as Mobile Number or Email ID are required to Use GPT 4. Login can be done in the similar manner like you use to do in the ChatGPT and then get the answer of your queries. Also in this update, you can use the Images to get answers or details regarding the same.

GPT-4 Login/Signup

  • If you wish to do the GPT-4 Login/Signup then you can use the instructions given here.
  • All of you can use the Email ID or Mobile Number to Sign Up for the GPT 4.
  • Enter the OTP Received to start using the App and then login with Mobile number for further use.
  • Make sure you remember the Login details to use it in future.

GPT 4 Parameters

It is to inform you that GPT 4 Parameters includes the capacity of computing above 1 Trillion sources without High Level Computing. Apart from this, many common parameters are being observed such as Search Results from the sources available on the Internet. As far as parameters are considered, it works better than ChatGPT because of its high capacity. Now what you need to do is check to test the working of GPT 4 and then you will get to know about the detailed parameters. Use the text or Image prompts in the AI Chat Box to get your answers.

GPT 4 Chat

  • The GPT 4 Chat is a very easy method to get the answers of your queries.
  • You can simply prompt in text or through Image to get the answers.
  • Users need to Login or Signup before using the GPT 4 Chat Options.
  • It takes very less time for the GPT 4 to give the answers of your queries.
  • Apart from this many updates will be seen in the GPT 4 in the coming days.
Features of  GPT 4

Chat GPT 4 Limitations

  • There are many Chat GPT 4 Limitations which we have mentioned in the points given below.
  • First of all, it only shows you the search results for the events which happened after 2021.
  • Secondly, sometimes it shows you the irrelevant answers after searching the Internet.
  • Earlier versions of GPT had a word limit but now the word limit is removed.
  • You can get answers with Search Images but it is not that much relevant.

FAQs on GPT-4 Release Date

  • What is the GPT-4 Release Date?
  • GPT-4 Release Date is in April 2023.
  • What is the Latest Update in GPT 4?
  • You can now prompt with Images to get answers from GPT 4.
  • How to Use GPT 4?
  • Use the instructions given above to Use GPT4.

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