Calendar 2023 Jan to Dec – Hindu Calendar Printable, Holidays, Festivals

As we all know, 2023 Year is about to start in a few days and New Calendar 2023 will be introduced. So we are here with Hindu Calendar 2023 January to December using which all of you can get to know about the Dates and other important events. Moreover, you can get to know about the Calendar 2023 National Holidays and then make your plans accordingly.

There will be many long weekends in the coming year which will eventually give you the chance to spend time with your Family or you can go on vacations. Find out the Printable Hindu Calendar 2023 PDF here and then print it to use it further on daily purpose. Many organizations print their own calendar and give it to their employees so that they can take reference of National Holidays, Sundays, Festivals and other important events. You should check the Month Wise Calendar 2023 here with Day and Date which will prove to be helpful for you.

calendar 2023

Calendar 2023

  • The official Hindu Calendar 2023 is released now and you can find important dates and events in this article.
  • There will be many national holidays and festivals in this year for which dates can be collected from this post.
  • There are a total 52 Saturdays and 53 Sundays in Calendar 2023 and dates will be mentioned here under each month.
  • Gazetted Holidays List and Bank Holidays List are going to be mentioned here so that you can know about the closing days.
  • In total 16 National Holidays will be observed in the 2023 Year by all Indians residing in the country.

Calendar 2023 January

January 2023 CalendarDay
1st January 2023Sunday
2nd January 2023Monday
3rd January 2023Tuesday
4th January 2023Wednesday
5th January 2023Thursday
6th January 2023Friday
7th January 2023Saturday
8th January 2023Sunday
9th January 2023Monday
10th January 2023Tuesday
11th January 2023Wednesday
12th January 2023Thursday
13th January 2023Friday
14th January 2023Saturday
15th January 2023Sunday
16th January 2023Monday
17th January 2023Tuesday
18th January 2023Wednesday
19th January 2023Thursday
20th January 2023Friday
21st January 2023Saturday
22nd January 2023Sunday
23rd January 2023Monday
24th January 2023Tuesday
25th January 2023Wednesday
26th January 2023Thursday
27th January 2023Friday
28th January 2023Saturday
29th January 2023Sunday
30th January 2023Monday
31st January 2023Tuesday

Calendar 2023 February

February 2023 CalendarDay
1st February 2023Wednesday
2nd February 2023Thursday
3rd February 2023Friday
4th February 2023Saturday
5th February 2023Sunday
6th February 2023Monday
7th February 2023Tuesday
8th February 2023Wednesday
9th February 2023Thursday
10th February 2023Friday
11th February 2023Saturday
12th February 2023Sunday
13th February 2023Monday
14th February 2023Tuesday
15th February 2023Wednesday
16th February 2023Thursday
17th February 2023Friday
18th February 2023Saturday
19th February 2023Sunday
20th February 2023Monday
21st February 2023Tuesday
22nd February 2023Wednesday
23rd February 2023Thursday
24th February 2023Friday
25th February 2023Saturday
26th February 2023Sunday
27th February 2023Monday
28th February 2023Tuesday

Calendar 2023 March

March 2023 CalendarDay
1st March 2023Wednesday
2nd March 2023Thursday
3rd March 2023Friday
4th March 2023Saturday
5th March 2023Sunday
6th March 2023Monday
7th March 2023Tuesday
8th March 2023Wednesday
9th March 2023Thursday
10th March 2023Friday
11th March 2023Saturday
12th March 2023Sunday
13th March 2023Monday
14th March 2023Tuesday
15th March 2023Wednesday
16th March 2023Thursday
17th March 2023Friday
18th March 2023Saturday
19th March 2023Sunday
20th March 2023Monday
21st March 2023Tuesday
22nd March 2023Wednesday
23rd March 2023Thursday
24th March 2023Friday
25th March 2023Saturday
26th March 2023Sunday
27th March 2023Monday
28th March 2023Tuesday
29th March 2023Wednesday
30th March 2023Thursday
31st March 2023Friday

Calendar 2023 April

April 2023 CalendarDay
1st April 2023Saturday
2nd April 2023Sunday
3rd April 2023Monday
4th April 2023Tuesday
5th April 2023Wednesday
6th April 2023Thursday
7th April 2023Friday
8th April 2023Saturday
9th April 2023Sunday
10th April 2023Monday
11th April 2023Tuesday
12th April 2023Wednesday
13th April 2023Thursday
14th April 2023Friday
15th April 2023Saturday
16th April 2023Sunday
17th April 2023Monday
18th April 2023Tuesday
19th April 2023Wednesday
20th April 2023Thursday
21st April 2023Friday
22nd April 2023Saturday
23rd April 2023Sunday
24th April 2023Monday
25th April 2023Tuesday
26th April 2023Wednesday
27th April 2023Thursday
28th April 2023Friday
29th April 2023Saturday
30th April 2023Sunday

Calendar 2023 May

May 2023 CalendarDay
1st May 2023Monday
2nd May 2023Tuesday
3rd May 2023Wednesday
4th May 2023Thursday
5th May 2023Friday
6th May 2023Saturday
7th May 2023Sunday
8th May 2023Monday
9th May 2023Tuesday
10th May 2023Wednesday
11th May 2023Thursday
12th May 2023Friday
13th May 2023Saturday
14th May 2023Sunday
15th May 2023Monday
16th May 2023Tuesday
17th May 2023Wednesday
18th May 2023Thursday
19th May 2023Friday
20th May 2023Saturday
21st May 2023Sunday
22nd May 2023Monday
23rd May 2023Tuesday
24th May 2023Wednesday
25th May 2023Thursday
26th May 2023Friday
27th May 2023Saturday
28th May 2023Sunday
29th May 2023Monday
30th May 2023Tuesday
31st May 2023Wednesday

Calendar 2023 June

June 2023 CalendarDay
1st June 2023Thursday
2nd June 2023Friday
3rd June 2023Saturday
4th June 2023Sunday
5th June 2023Monday
6th June 2023Tuesday
7th June 2023Wednesday
8th June 2023Thursday
9th June 2023Friday
10th June 2023Saturday
11th June 2023Sunday
12th June 2023Monday
13th June 2023Tuesday
14th June 2023Wednesday
15th June 2023Thursday
16th June 2023Friday
17th June 2023Saturday
18th June 2023Sunday
19th June 2023Monday
20th June 2023Tuesday
21st June 2023Wednesday
22nd June 2023Thursday
23rd June 2023Friday
24th June 2023Saturday
25th June 2023Sunday
26th June 2023Monday
27th June 2023Tuesday
28th June 2023Wednesday
29th June 2023Thursday
30th June 2023Friday

July 2023 Calendar

July 2023 CalendarDay
1st July 2023Saturday
2nd July 2023Sunday
3rd July 2023Monday
4th July 2023Tuesday
5th July 2023Wednesday
6th July 2023Thursday
7th July 2023Friday
8th July 2023Saturday
9th July 2023Sunday
10th July 2023Monday
11th July 2023Tuesday
12th July 2023Wednesday
13th July 2023Thursday
14th July 2023Friday
15th July 2023Saturday
16th July 2023Sunday
17th July 2023Monday
18th July 2023Tuesday
19th July 2023Wednesday
20th July 2023Thursday
21st July 2023Friday
22nd July 2023Saturday
23rd July 2023Sunday
24th July 2023Monday
25th July 2023Tuesday
26th July 2023Wednesday
27th July 2023Thursday
28th July 2023Friday
29th July 2023Saturday
30th July 2023Sunday
31st July 2023Monday

August 2023 Calendar

August Calendar 2023Day
1st August 2023Tuesday
2nd August 2023Wednesday
3rd August 2023Thursday
4th August 2023Friday
5th August 2023Saturday
6th August 2023Sunday
7th August 2023Monday
8th August 2023Tuesday
9th August 2023Wednesday
10th August 2023Thursday
11th August 2023Friday
12th August 2023Saturday
13th August 2023Sunday
14th August 2023Monday
15th August 2023Tuesday
16th August 2023Wednesday
17th August 2023Thursday
18th August 2023Friday
19th August 2023Saturday
20th August 2023Sunday
21st August 2023Monday
22nd August 2023Tuesday
23rd August 2023Wednesday
24th August 2023Thursday
25th August 2023Friday
26th August 2023Saturday
27th August 2023Sunday
28th August 2023Monday
29th August 2023Tuesday
30th August 2023Wednesday
31st August 2023Thursday

September 2023 Calendar

September Calendar 2023Day
1st September 2023Friday
2nd September 2023Saturday
3rd September 2023Sunday
4th September 2023Monday
5th September 2023Tuesday
6th September 2023Wednesday
7th September 2023Thursday
8th September 2023Friday
9th September 2023Saturday
10th September 2023Sunday
11th September 2023Monday
12th September 2023Tuesday
13th September 2023Wednesday
14th September 2023Thursday
15th September 2023Friday
16th September 2023Saturday
17th September 2023Sunday
18th September 2023Monday
19th September 2023Tuesday
20th September 2023Wednesday
21st September 2023Thursday
22nd September 2023Friday
23rd September 2023Saturday
24th September 2023Sunday
25th September 2023Monday
26th September 2023Tuesday
27th September 2023Wednesday
28th September 2023Thursday
29th September 2023Friday
30th September 2023Saturday

October 2023 Calendar

October Calendar 2023Day
1st October 2023Sunday
2nd October 2023Monday
3rd October 2023Tuesday
4th October 2023Wednesday
5th October 2023Thursday
6th October 2023Friday
7th October 2023Saturday
8th October 2023Sunday
9th October 2023Monday
10th October 2023Tuesday
11th October 2023Wednesday
12th October 2023Thursday
13th October 2023Friday
14th October 2023Saturday
15th October 2023Sunday
16th October 2023Monday
17th October 2023Tuesday
18th October 2023Wednesday
19th October 2023Thursday
20th October 2023Friday
21st October 2023Saturday
22nd October 2023Sunday
23rd October 2023Monday
24th October 2023Tuesday
25th October 2023Wednesday
26th October 2023Thursday
27th October 2023Friday
28th October 2023Saturday
29th October 2023Sunday
30th October 2023Monday
31st October 2023Tuesday

November 2023 Calendar

November Calendar 2023Day
1st November 2023Wednesday
2nd November 2023Thursday
3rd November 2023Friday
4th November 2023Saturday
5th November 2023Sunday
6th November 2023Monday
7th November 2023Tuesday
8th November 2023Wednesday
9th November 2023Thursday
10th November 2023Friday
11th November 2023Saturday
12th November 2023Sunday
13th November 2023Monday
14th November 2023Tuesday
15th November 2023Wednesday
16th November 2023Thursday
17th November 2023Friday
18th November 2023Saturday
19th November 2023Sunday
20th November 2023Monday
21st November 2023Tuesday
22nd November 2023Wednesday
23rd November 2023Thursday
24th November 2023Friday
25th November 2023Saturday
26th November 2023Sunday
27th November 2023Monday
28th November 2023Tuesday
29th November 2023Wednesday
30th November 2023Thursday

December 2023 Calendar

December Calendar 2023Day
1st December 2023Friday
2nd December 2023Saturday
3rd December 2023Sunday
4th December 2023Monday
5th December 2023Tuesday
6th December 2023Wednesday
7th December 2023Thursday
8th December 2023Friday
9th December 2023Saturday
10th December 2023Sunday
11th December 2023Monday
12th December 2023Tuesday
13th December 2023Wednesday
14th December 2023Thursday
15th December 2023Friday
16th December 2023Saturday
17th December 2023Sunday
18th December 2023Monday
19th December 2023Tuesday
20th December 2023Wednesday
21st December 2023Thursday
22nd December 2023Friday
23rd December 2023Saturday
24th December 2023Sunday
25th December 2023Monday
26th December 2023Tuesday
27th December 2023Wednesday
28th December 2023Thursday
29th December 2023Friday
30th December 2023Saturday
31st December 2023Sunday

Calendar Holidays 2023

Holidays 2023Date & Day
1st January 2023New Year
14 January 2023Makar Sankranti
15 January 2023Pongal
26 January 2023Republic Day/ Basant Panchami
5 February 2023Hazrat Ali Birthday
18 February 2023Maha Shivratri
19 February 2023Shivaji jayanti
7 March 2023Holika Dahan
8 March 2023Holi
22 March 2023Gudi padwa
30 March 2023Ram Navami
04 April 2023Mahavir Jayanti
07 April 2023Good Friday
09 April 2023Easter
14 April 2023Vaisakhi and BR Ambedkar Jayanti
21 April 2023Jamad ul Vida
22 April 2023Ramzan
05 May 2023Buddha Purnima
09 May 2023Rabindranath Tagore Birthday
20 June 2023Rath Yatra
29 June 2023Bakrid
29 July 2023Muharam
15 August 2023Independence Day
20 August 2023Vinayaka Chaturthi
29 August 2023Onam
30 August 2023Raksha Bandhan
07 September 2023Janmashtami
19 September 2023Ganesh Chaturthi
28 September 2023Id-e-Milad
02 October 2023Gandhi Jayanti
15 October 2023Sharad navratri
20 October 2023Durga Puja
21 October 2023Maha Saptami
22 October 2023Maha Ashtami
23 October 2023Maha Navami
24 October 2023Dussehra
28 October 2023Valmiki Jayanti
01 November 2023Karva Chauth
12 November 2023Diwali
13 November 2023Govardhan Puja
15 November 2023Bhai Duj
19 November 2023Chhat Puja
24 November 2023Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Shaheedi Diwas
27 November 2023Guru Nanak Jayanti
25 December 2023Christmas

Download Printable Hindu Calendar 2023

Printable Hindu Calendar 2023 PDFView Here

FAQs on Hindu Calendar 2023 PDF Printed Version

  • When is Diwali 2023?
  • Diwali 2023 is falling on 12th November 2023.
  • When is Holi 2023?
  • Holi 2023 is falling on 08th March 2023.
  • How Many Sundays are there in Hindu Calendar 2023?
  • There are 53 Sundays in Hindu Calendar 2023.
  • How To Download Calendar 2023 PDF ?
  • we have uploaded Calendar 2023 here on our page, please visit to check and download it.

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