Bageshwar Dham Location, Registration, Bageshwar Maharaj Biography, Fees

The Bageshwar Dham Sarkar is situated in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh which is led by Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and many people follow him due to his spirituality and deep knowledge of Hinduism. So we are here with Bageshwar Dham Location using which all of you can reach the Temple. You can simply take a bus from Jhansi to Chattarpur to reach this location. Visitors have to complete the Bageshwar Dham Registration on and then a pass will be issued to you which allows you to visit the premises.

Moreover, readers must know that Name of Bageshwar Dham Maharaj is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and he is the major priest of the Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. We have clearly mentioned the Bageshwar Dham Katha Fees so that you can book the Pooja for the well being of your Family. Readers can also find the Ways to Reach Bageshwar Dham by Bus, Train or Taxi. You should know that Yantram is offered in the Dham which you can buy only from the premises as it is not sold at any other places. Readers can find out the Bageshwar Dham Income which is generated by donations and other activities of the Dham.

Bageshwar Dham Location

Many People who follow Sanatan Dharam also known as Hinduism are very excited to reach the Bageshwar Dham Location which is in news recently due to the famous priest. The Priest of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and he holds public prayers in Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh. Shastri ji is in news nowadays because of his miracles and other activities which are astonishing. Recently, he has brought back Converted Christians to Hindus and is also seen speaking publicly about the Hindu Rashtra.

Every individual who is excited to know about this Dham Should know that it is the Religious Site and is related to Shri Balaji. In order to reach the Dham, you can reach Jhansi by Train and then take a Bus to Chattarpur. After reaching this location, you have to take a local transport to the Gada Village where Bageshwar Dham is Situated. Kindly ensure that you have done the Bageshwar Dham Registration through the guidelines given below and then you will get the Token using which you can get entry in the premises.

Bageshwar Dham Registration

  • The Bageshwar Dham can be visited by those who have a token and have completed the Registration.
  • In order to complete the Bageshwar Dham Registration, you have to visit and then use the Mobile Number, Name and other details to complete the process.
  • Once your Registration is accepted, you will get a Token and Date of Visit on your Mobile Number.
  • Another Process includes visiting the Dham and then giving the request over there to get the Token.
  • Using these two methods, all of you can complete the Registration and then get Chance to Visit Bageshwar Dham.

Bageshwar Dham Maharaj Biography

Dham NameBageshwar Dham, Madhya Pradesh
Bageshwar Dham AddressGada, Chattarpur, MP
Bageshwar Dham MaharajShri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri
Age of Maharaj26 Years
Father NameRam Kripal Garg (Father) and Saroj Garg (Mother)
Born atChhatarpur, MP
Date of Birth04th July, 1996
Bageshwar Dham TempleGada, Chhatarpur, MP
Article CategoryNews
Bageshwar Dham

All the devotees who wish to see the Dham have to pay attention to this section above for brief information regarding the Temple. You must know that Bageshwar Dham Maharaj Name is Shri Dhirendra Krishna Shastri who is the Main priest of Shri Balaji Dham at Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh. If you wish to visit this temple then kindly complete the Registration Online and then get the Token to see the Prayers. You should know that prayers are conducted on specific dates and you have to visit as per the date mentioned on your Token.

Bageshwar Dham Location, Registration, Maharaj, Katha Fees

Bageshwar Dham Katha Fees

  • Read the detailed points below for brief information regarding the Bageshwar Dham Katha Fees.
  • First of all, there are no charges for the Token and you can visit the temple without paying any fees.
  • In case, you wish to organize the Satyanarayan Katha at your Home then you can book Pooja at your Home.
  • Similarly, for the Ram Charitramanas Katha, you can register online on the official website of Dham.
  • Complete cost of the Pooja will be revealed by the authorities after you complete the Registration Process.

Bageshwar Dham Address

All the visitors must know the Bageshwar Dham Address to pay devotion in the Temple of Shri Balaji Maharaj. You should know that Bageshwar Dham is located in the Madhya Pradesh State and Chattarpur District. Precisely in Chattarpur, you have to visit Gada Village and here you will find the Bageshwar Dham. There are multiple ways to reach the Bageshwar Dham such as by Train, By Road and by Air.

  • Bageshwar Dham Address: Gram- Gada, Post Office- Ganj, District: Chattarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

How to Reach Bageshwar Dham?

  • You can Reach Bageshwar Dham by using the following steps.
  • First of all, you have to reach Jhansi district in Madhya Pradesh.
  • Now proceed for Chattarpur by Road using Bus or Taxi.
  • Next step is to find the Gada Village Address and then reach over there.
  • Ask for Bageshwar Dham Balaji Temple and then proceed over there.
  • Finally, you will Reach Bageshwar Dham Temple.

Bageshwar Dham Income

  • Bageshwar Dham Income is totally secret and the whole organization works on the Donations by the Visitors.
  • Moreover, Yantram is also sold by Bageshwar Dham Trust which is the major contribution in the Income of Dham.
  • Apart from this Donations also contribute to the income of the Trust.
  • In the recent Interview, Maharaj revealed that the whole Sanatani Community across the World donates in the Dham.
  • However, the complete income of the trust was not revealed but it is expected to run on a big budget.

FAQs on Bageshwar Dham Location Biography

  • What is the Bageshwar Dham Location?
  • Bageshwar Dham Location is in Chattarpur District, Post: Gada and State Madhya Pradesh.
  • How to Reach Bageshwar Dham?
  • You can reach Bageshwar Dham from Jhansi by Bus or by Public Transport.
  • How to Contact Bageshwar Dham for booking?
  • You can contact the Dham authorities on 8982862921 / 8120592371.

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